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Thursday, 17 November 2011

Why do UK companies sell more than you do?

excellent question.. Better Marketing , better publishing, better backed up. AIPP the organisation and industry voice is an excellent example of this. Their awards only get awarded to their own members, ie to be considered for any award you have to pay. I have many examples of Compare the markup and its weird how the best deal is promised and its very obvious and clear to see , that its not the investor that is being put first. In this day and age I think its a fact that people are very suspicious of every organisation. When I set out to get a better deal for all UK investors, I never expected to get the resistance that I have found. I will continue and intensify my promotion during 2012 and that will start by producing a calendar of events and sticking to it . So its time to get the drink ready and start the new year eves party and look forward to 2012.. Good luck to all and i wish you the very best for 2012.. USALocations.com

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