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Saturday, 21 November 2009

Fantastic meetings progress at last..

Recently found an avenue where people have the motivation to research and look at the detail of the agent they are buying from. I will not give all the details as I have noticed that certain individuals who charge those hateful added UK fees have been reacting to my campaign to highlight the RIP OFF of uk added fees.. Any way to move on I will be have less time to worry about those companies and anyway If you are Unlucky enough or stupid enough to fall for all their claims and actually pay UK based fees well thats just Tough and I really do wish you luck.  PLEASE DO NOT CONTACT ME with hard luck stories I DO NOT WANT TO KNOW and I will tell you now YOU HAD A CHOICE  and you made it happen.
I am going to spend time with people who have serious investment needs and who actually ask the right questions before they invest any amount of money.
Good Luck with all your investments and Keep the emails and questions coming.
Best Regards

Friday, 6 November 2009

its been a busy few month.

Noticed a few other sites up and running and claiming to do  the best deal.
claims to have sold over 200 homes in under 3 years
VERY IMPRESSIVE... especially when you consider that the fees involved may have been
over £2000  .... Hands up who would still be working with that income in 3 years !!
for every ten sold thats £20000  ( an average years salary) for every 100 sold thats £200000 !! 

SO ONE company has made over £400000 in under 3 years  !!   in uk added fees  it really is a joke...
in that same time I have sold 3 ... and been very happy to remain licensed
I have seen and heard from many realtors who have had to DO OTHER JOBS to make a living !

Sunday, 6 September 2009

USALocations website

Lots of ongoing pages and other development is happening at the moment . The Real estate forum is now online and updated every weekend. For FLorida Property the MLS service is now being used properly for registered clients and automatic email of new property searchs are happening now twice a week. The interest seems to be growing again for real estate investing Let hope USALocations.com can keep up with this growth in interest.

Sunday, 9 August 2009

USA Locations for Film

having been contacted by a few who want to list property on my site for filming locations , I did try to contact another site claimed as being known as usalocations , I did see one site called usa-locations which did list locations and have tried to communicate with them. nothing they seem to ignore my emails . So I thought opportunity exists so why not. A new section may well be formed soon.

Now working with other UK people who sell.

I am now looking at working with UK based people who also sell property over in the USA.
If we can work together to benifit both parties then why not.

Saturday, 9 May 2009

Phew A new Job , and although my investments are doing OK in wonderful Georgia, I still wish thatmore people would see the potential in investing into the USA real estate. My aim is Long term financial security for my family. within the next few years I may not be working full time within Real estate investing but I can still help others a lot with my experiance I hope that a lot more people start looking at the usa . Until then I am happy to keep ticking over. My License will be kept up to date which will help me in my goal of helping others.

Best Regards UK REALTOR Owen Dale.