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Saturday, 21 November 2009

Fantastic meetings progress at last..

Recently found an avenue where people have the motivation to research and look at the detail of the agent they are buying from. I will not give all the details as I have noticed that certain individuals who charge those hateful added UK fees have been reacting to my campaign to highlight the RIP OFF of uk added fees.. Any way to move on I will be have less time to worry about those companies and anyway If you are Unlucky enough or stupid enough to fall for all their claims and actually pay UK based fees well thats just Tough and I really do wish you luck.  PLEASE DO NOT CONTACT ME with hard luck stories I DO NOT WANT TO KNOW and I will tell you now YOU HAD A CHOICE  and you made it happen.
I am going to spend time with people who have serious investment needs and who actually ask the right questions before they invest any amount of money.
Good Luck with all your investments and Keep the emails and questions coming.
Best Regards

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