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Friday, 6 November 2009

its been a busy few month.

Noticed a few other sites up and running and claiming to do  the best deal.
claims to have sold over 200 homes in under 3 years
VERY IMPRESSIVE... especially when you consider that the fees involved may have been
over £2000  .... Hands up who would still be working with that income in 3 years !!
for every ten sold thats £20000  ( an average years salary) for every 100 sold thats £200000 !! 

SO ONE company has made over £400000 in under 3 years  !!   in uk added fees  it really is a joke...
in that same time I have sold 3 ... and been very happy to remain licensed
I have seen and heard from many realtors who have had to DO OTHER JOBS to make a living !

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