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Tuesday, 1 November 2011

UK based REALTOR , so whats the advantage?

Great Question that was posed today , by another company thats UK based. Well to get to the point quick and simple , I aim to save clients money and without giving to much away , I am proud to represent any clients interest and to put their needs First. No wonderful claims or fantasy figures I openly and truthfully tell the clients how it is. It is very important to get the real deal and the real facts about any investment , even if i do not get to the closing table. The clients best interest is the priority, Its best not to sell dreams and fantasy I will leave that to disney. 1. Full Access to the Multi Listing service Live and in real time 2. Access to REALTOR special offers on property services. SAVING MONEY.. 3. REALTOR SPECIAL deals with Car Rentals i.e 20% OFF. 4. Full reports and Comparitive Market Analysis. Up to date and with no delay i.e NO wait for the USA office to open.. 5. FREE property search page for your requirements. So the advantages are clear and open for all to see. Thank you The Choise is yours Dream or reality.. Nightmares or Honesty...

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