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Sunday, 15 May 2011

My Favourite USA roadtrip so far.

2008 I travelled the full length of the USA from Key west right up to my own name sake town of Owendale..
The photo above is me travelling from Key west to Orlando.. I did have an evening in Miami and stayed in south beach,  The tattoo shop was closed so I missed that experiance..but I did have a great evening talking to a few people who were originally from Manchester and now live in Miami. I had to ask "Do you miss Manchester?" to which they Just laughed at me. Anyway the roadtrip Miami to Key west and then Key west to Orlando was an experiance that was simply Fantastic. I stopped several times to take in the view and the almost 100 photos I took during my trip , shows how much I enjoyed the whole journey.
I hope to repeat the trip , whenever someone from the UK wants a piece of Luxury real estate I would love to assist and drive you to property viewing.
Well I am a fully licensed Realtor for Florida , so I can get the deal started right here in the UK
and to my knowledge there is no other REALTOR that is UK based. Although several people have passed the Florida state exam over the last 10 years.
Best wishes and regards
Owen Dale USALocations

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