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Saturday, 31 December 2011

USALocations.com 2011 a review.

Well its been a long year 2011 the first year since 2003 that I have not flown over to the USA . I got myself a new Job and got a new tenant for my property in the USA. I have decided to rent out long term and go to break even. The bills for Air conditioning repairs and window repairs after a property break in were rather painful to say the least. It was quite a shock as I spent months researching the neighbourhood and chose a good one , with a low crime rate. The only thing you can not allow for are the tenants collection of so called friends and what happens when they upset them.. Anyway I am Glad to report that the current tenant is a model one and has been excellent. What doe's the future hold , well we have had 7 people sign up for Florida investments spoke to over 100 people face to face and given on average one property presentation a month. 2012 is almost here and I look forward to it although I have no plans to fly over to Florida within the next 6-9 months .I will be writing my book about my roadtips to Owendale MI and my adventures on all my trips. Plenty to keep me busy and lots to look forward to. SIGN UP NOW for our newsletter which is due out in Feb 2012. Sign up for our Property Search engine and search for your own investment property . VISIT our property forum for PROPERTY OF THE WEEK every Friday..

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