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Monday, 9 August 2010

USALocations weekly blog. starting 15th August

hi everyone  to  celebrate our growing support and the growth in the promotion of USAlocations i will be doing a weekly blog using blogger.

The presentations given recently when I asked someone to step forward and use google on my laptop to find the UK based websites that add those dreaded UK Fees..
I tell them the string to type in and then tour around the sites and compare with what actually is available in detroit for instance. 
One guy from the UK west coast has called me , a fully licensed REALTOR naive when it comes to USA property investments..  My presentation quickly makes a complete mockery of this and the people are quick to pick up on plain ordinary facts they shine out  for everyone to see.
Infact the comment about never getting in touch with him again makes everyone laugh, The comments made that evening ..
How does the guy stay in business with an attitude like that?
What service can he actually provide that I can't?
I did ask a few members of the group to email him and compare like for like , they replied what a complete and utter waste of time that would be.. FACT of the matter is I clearly and openly show people his website and the deals and then show actual Detroit Listings live .. GEE WHIZZ its so Hilarious to get the reactions.
 and there are several UK based Companies  set up marketing Detroit property..
as always 

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