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Saturday, 28 August 2010

2 weeks of unreal discovery

Well I have visited a UK property site that is apparently No1 when it comes to property searching..
and picked out a few USA deals at random they looked excellent , well if you believe the comments and the copied  USA Multi Listing Service Photographs without acknowledgement..
 Amazingly I have found a little difference in the deals. 
UK +$140000 !!
UK + $50000 !!
UK + $40000 !!
UK + $49000 !
I looked at the MLS for price drops just to be sure , NO price drops?
I KNOW the uk based company has got bad typing skills and they are typing errors .
Well I will find out this week I will actually ask them on the phone..
OH and they are also members of my favourite organisation claiming to favour  better deals for
the UK public and to see that clients are treated right . I may also give them a ring, after my quizzing the fact about being a non profit organisation yet a few of their executives were being paid a salary of over £60'000 a year!!  Pardon me but would we all like a salary like that!!

WHY do i do all this , Simple during 2003 I was sick of the UK based so called USA experts that simply add to any USA deal. I have invested myself and gone direct , I can now provide an excellent REALTOR service right here in the UK.

Actions speak louder then words and I have taken action against the UK based so called experts.
Please help USALocations with our simple quest ,  a better deal for every UK and EU based person that is thinking about USA Investing.

Thank you
Owen Dale

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